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Earl Hawkins, founder of Hawkins Golf School, has over 20 years of training under one of Golf Magazines' Top 100 Instructors. Earl's patience and dedication sets him apart from other instructors. His instruction approach focuses on the understanding of golfing fundamentals and etiquette, using a variety of mental and physical skill building techniques. In 2002, Earl Hawkins showcased these techniques teaching participants in the Tiger Woods' Golf Clinic, in Orlando, Florida, one of the nations leading camps for juniors.​

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Hawkins Golf Academy would like to express our gratitude to African American Golfer's Digest for your excellent coverage . The entire staff appreciated the professionalism with which your team handled the interview. Customer response has dramatically increased since your article, and we hope to maintain this upward momentum with quality service. As one of the many professional golf instructors in the Orlando area, we are indeed grateful for your willingness to include us in your coverage. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved.